German Medals and Awards
1813 - 1957
I have been fascinated with German Militaria for a long time and probably as a result of watching too many War movies as a kid. I have for sometime now been building my own collection of German Militaria to cover the period from 1813 to 1957. Having said that I only collect Iron Cross and Iron Cross related militaria from all periods. All my other Militaria is collected from the period of the Third Reich 1933 - 1945. I am English and was born in 1965. My Grandfather served during WW2 in the British Army in the Far East. Most of my Grandfathers relatives of military age also served overseas and saw action with the allies during WW2. I do not align with any political organizations nor do I condone any aspect of the Third Reich or what it stood for. I am simply a collector of German  Militaria who wants to share his collection.
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The Iron Cross
    (Eisernes Kreuz)
1939 Issue
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The Knight's Cross
1939 Issue
1957 Issue
The German Cross
  (Deutscher Kreuz)
1957 Issue
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1957 Issue
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1813 Issue
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